Candlemass @ HRH DvS II Sheffield 2016

Chic Talent

Chic talent currently provides logistical and marketing support to over 30 bands & artists, plus over 12 independent and evolving promoters across the world as well as running all festivals and events within the Chic Festivals portfolio. In addition to our Rock rosters & Touring division, Dark Circle Management are now managing 5 outfits for all territories worldwide, something that started small and has now transformed into a major function at Chic HQ.

Over the last 6 years since creation, Chic has now subsequently turned into a fully vertically integrated & value linked musical proposition and now covers the following areas:-

  • Chic Production
  • Chic Marketing
  • Chic PR
  • Chic Distribution
  • Chic Talent
  • Chic Festivals
  • Chic Touring
  • Chic Merchandise
  • Chic Touring
  • Chic Control (security)
  • Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Rock Roster

  • Bonafide

  • The Quireboys

    The Quireboys